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Chef Lucia's Food Truck

Chef Lucia is excited for yet another season this upcoming Summer with her food truck which is scheduled for launch on Saturday, May 30 of 2020. 

This year, I will be serving the Tony's Place in Caissie Cape, NB at a charming and relaxing place where people meet at the beach.  As always, I look forward for the opportunity in serving you my tasty dishes.  

This Summer I am thrilled to offer the usual favourites, as well as many other exciting custom menu items throughout the Summer.  The standard menu includes the popular concession and comfort foods offered last Summer; fries, poutines and Fish N' Chips, the Lobster roll in addition to many new menu items: Pizzas and fried clams.

Chef Lucia's licensed Class IV kitchen food truck is clean, thoroughly sanitized daily and up to standards in mobile Commercial Kitchen equipment including a diesel generator on board, dual propane tanks, a flat grill, two dual fryers, an oven and 2 fridges.  I am ready to serve, and serve is what I like to do. 

For more information on booking Chef Lucia's Food Truck for your upcoming event, click the Food Truck Inquiry button at the top of this page.   Send me a note for a free estimate now. 

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