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Catering Solution

For Chefs and Caterers


While keeping a mindset that Chefs, Sales staff and customer representative of Catering Companies are busy and need to be as productive as possible in order to serve and process catering requests effectively without having to manage and babysit complex software daily, we are introducing our cloud catering solution for caterers and chefs: Chef Portfolio.

Chef Portfolio Solution Software


Chef Portfolio in the Cloud (SaaS) takes the headache away from having to install and manage version on the desktop.   No software installation required as it is fully web based and no special hardware needed to run the application.  Your application is secured in the cloud and backup daily to ensure continuity of services so your data is never loss.   Here are some key features of Chef Portfolio:


  • Manage your catering requests and contacts.

  • Managing events, menus  and recipes, without forgetting any details.

  • Print you recipes, menus, invoices, proposals, events and catering requests.

  • Visualize on a map your events' locations

  • Dashboard with a quick glance at key performance metrics (KPI) such as:

  1. Contacts information

  2. Catering requests workflows in progress

  3. Sales outlook and business outcome view

  4. Payment due view

  5. Recipes portfolio view

Other interesting features:

  • Fully customizable.

  • Import and export your recipes

  • Workflow enabled

  • Integration options available 


Everything you need to manage effectively your catering business and requests, in a single user friendly interface without extra fuss required to be up and running.

Chef Portfolio  Screenshot

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